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And now the day is over And the shadows start to grow The sun has done us well today In flaming crimson he explodes And bursts of million colours That spill across the sky I turn and look at you love And i know the reason why Such a long time Like good wine Getting better every day Now you know, i'll never go So you'll always stay And our love will keep on shining Through the wind and the rain And when the day is over Our love will shine again And as the years fly over I'm feeling younger every day The love that you have given me Is more than i can say Shine, shine, shine Edit Lyrics Edit Wiki Add Video.

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Shine, Shine, Shine

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The left arm, held horizontally, represents the horizon. The open right hand, fingers together and pointing up, with palm facing the body, rises slowly to an almost upright angle. The little finger edge of the left hand rests in the crook of the right elbow. Night — The left hand, palm down, is positioned at chest height. The downturned right hand, held an inch or so above the left, moves over the left hand in an arc, as the sun setting beneath the horizon.

shine shine shine lipgloss

The left hand, palm down, is positioned at chest height. Happy — The open right hand, with palm facing body, strikes the heart several times. The hand moves up and off the heart after each strike. The open right hand, with palm facing body, strikes the heart several times.

Jackie Gillies – Shine, Shine Shine! #ShineItUp

Laugh — make "L" with each hand by extending the pointer up, thumb out. Place thumbs near corners of mouth and pull outward — while smiling! Extension Activity: Discuss what things shine — lightbulbs, the sun, tinfoil, etc. How do we "shine" — - what does it feel like, look like — and what makes each of us "shine?

Zauntee - Shine Shine Shine [CC Lyrics]

Shine On! Songs to couple with this one: "Mr.

Shine Shine

Sun" or "This Little Light of Mine". January Shine Shine Shine! Movements: Shine — open and close hands, palms out, at shoulder height.